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Spinal Stenosis is a medical condition in which the spinal canal narrows and causes compression of the spinal cord and nerves. The condition typically develops slowly over a period of time as we age. Other causes can include scoliosis, congenital condition of the spine, spondylolisthesis, spinal disc herniation, osteoporosis of tumors. Spinal stenosis may affect the cervical, thoracic, on lumbar spine.


Symptoms of spinal stenosis can very and can include cramping in the lower legs, also know as pseudo-claudication which causes painful walking.

• Numbness

• Tingling

• Pain that travels down the arms or legs

• Weakness in the arms or legs


The disease of symptoms can very from mild to serve depending the amount of stenosis.


Diagnosing spinal stenosis should start with a comprehensive patient history and physical examination. Your provider will then determine the appropriate diagnostic test to help with the diagnosis. These could include X-Ray, MRI’s, and or CT Scans, as well as EMG/NCS Test to help pinpoint the level most affected.


Spine Stenosis